Previous Events!

Sponsored Fun Run for Japan

run_for_japan_photo1On Tuesday 29 March all the children in the school successfully participated in the Sponsored Run for Japan.

The school garden was beautifully decorated with Japanese flags that the children had made. This, along with the bright sunshine, made the perfect backdrop for the run.

All of the children ran enthusiastically and athletically and they all completed several laps of the garden.

The reasons for the event had been carefully explained to them and they were determined to run as far and fast as they could to help give the effected people in Japan food and new homes.

We took some lovely photographs of the event, which you can view and download from our Photo Album.

Thank you to those of you who have already handed in your sponsorship money.

We really appreciate all that you have collected.

Please hand in the remaining sponsorships this week, or next week at the very latest.

We would like to collect all the money and send the total to the Red Cross by the start of the Easter holidays.

Thanks again for all your enthusiasm and support.


Planting Trees In A Forest

plantingtrees1This year on the 20th of March, we once again took part in a tree planting event organised by Sunbeams.

The event took place at Frankrijkstraat 10, 1755 Gooik . Sunbeams also expanded the environmental impact of this event by cooperating with a Congolese contingent of the Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots program.  A contribution from every tree sold at the event in Gooik will be sent to the Republic of the Congo to help people to plant a green corridor between two forests, thus ameliorating species migration.



After Event:  Click here to read the Thank You Letter from Sunbeams!