Along with the Montessori Curriculum each class studies a topic which lasts from 6 to 8 weeks . Following are a few topics we have covered:

Model Of The Earth

The children made a model of the earth. It was very imaginative display, they made paper maché mountains and used other crafts to represent valleys and rivers.




Owls And Their Habitats

The elementary class studied owls and their habitats, turns out Asia has more owls than any other continent and Europe ranks last !


The Solar System

The Solar System was a very exciting topic for the children, they learned new and interesting facts about the sun, the moon, the planets and all things connected to space. They explored the idea what it would be like to be a real astronaut.

solar system


The children fell in love with these beautiful nocturnal birds. 
They learnt the names of many owls, what they eat and where they live. 
The project ended with a fantastic ‘Birds of Prey’ show in our school garden.



The Montessori maps of the continents relate beautifully to learning about new countries and their cultures. 
Great pleasure is taken in learning the names as the children trace and label the countries, capitals and flags.



The children enjoy studying different artists. This term the children have made their interpretations of artists such as Matisse, Picasso, Rothko. Hundertwasser and Folon to mention but a few.


The Egyptians

Last September the children studied the mysteries of the Egyptian civilisation and it really captured their imaginations. 
Here we see Maryam painting King Tutankhamun.


Outdoor projects


As soon as the weather permits the children are busy planting flowers and vegetables in our vegetable patch.


The children go for a walk in nearby woods in Autumn and Spring to see the changes taking place in nature during these times...