Extra Curricular

Music, Gym and Swimming

Carine De Vinck is the Dalcroze Music teacher and gives music classes on Tuesday mornings. Each class receives a 30 minute lesson. Private piano lessons are also offered by Carine on Tuesdays, during school hours. She offers 15 and 30 minute lessons.

On Wednesday, the Primary and Elementary classes go to the swimming pool in Waterloo and lessons are given by the swim teacher at the pool.
Monique Lescrauwaet is our Gym teacher, the three classes have Gym at the school, on Friday.

For music and gym classes, tracksuits are recommended. A school sweatshirt can be purchased from the school for 20€.


Field Trips

children at pondFiretruck_IMG_3368Farm_2016_043

Children visit museums, exhibitions, go on nature walks, etc, at least three times each academic year.

Our recent trips include a visit to the Fondation Folon, a farm, a local fire station in Brussels to name but a few.


Participating in the LAMDA Exams.

For the past few years, children in the elementary and primary classes have taken part in the Lamda Verse and Prose speech examinations. The exams involve learning and reciting a poem and having a short discussion with the examiner. The children are graded on their ability to recite the poems and on their communication skills. It is an excellent experience for the children, in which they have enjoyed taking part in  and have received high grades and distinctions. We find that this participation does wonders for their confidence and the two classes take part every year.